Thursday March 17, 2022, 9am to 4pm


Virtual Speed-Jobbing.

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Speed-Jobbing Online Fair

Our Speed-Jobbing event connects Manitoba employers with qualified bilingual immigrants who are eligible to work in Canada and wish to settle permanently in the local job market.

The next Speed-Jobing event will be 100% online while keeping the advantages of its unique format: 10-minute interviews with candidates profiles matching the skills that YOU are looking for!

Pre-matched candidates

Based on their skills, the relevance of their profile to your job openings, and their eligibility to work in Manitoba.

10 minute interviews

During which you can ask all the questions you want.

Save time and resources

Meet qualified candidates virtually at the same time without travel costs or time constraints

Online means easy

The whole process happens online, from registration to interviews. You will receive training on the platform and complete tech support throughout the whole process.
How to take part in the online Speed-Jobbing?

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Send us your job postings and fill in the form that will be sent to you to help us optimize the matching process


Creating your Custom Employer page. Send us information about your company


Interview candidates at the Speed-Jobbing event.


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